At Everyday XJ, I realize that new part prices can be overwhelming. I try to provide quality used parts at an affordable price.

Time and space do not allow me to list every item that I have available. I disassemble complete cars, and should have most parts available at any given time.


In addition to my warehouse full of parts that I have already removed from cars, I have the following cars that are ready to be dissassembled:

 Series 1

1973 - XJ12

Series 2

1976 XJ6
1976 XJ6 Coupe

Series 3

1984 XJ6
1986 XJ6
1987 XJ6

Series 5

1997 XJ6 - X300

I recently purchased a collection of XJS parts from a man who had been breaking XJS for about 10 years.

I'm still sorting through earlier purchases of parts that I made, including many New Old Stock parts.
Check back for more listings.

When I say that I should have every part on the car, this is what I'm referring to.
This is typically what a car looks like when I take it to be crushed.
As you can see, anything that is useable is removed and inventoried.
I can even help with good cut panels.

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